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High Performance Driver Training Review

Having recently purchased my Jag XKR, I was fully aware that this car had some serious power which I wanted to enjoy but remain respectful of. To that end, I wished to try and learn more about the car’s capabilities and, just as importantly, my own, as I recognise that despite 35 years of driving experience there would be lots I could still learn, particularly in a car like this.

And learn I certainly did. Having chosen Ivan from TCC out of a few seemingly similar companies on the web I cannot speak highly enough about the training he provided me with on a one to one basis. I chose the Total Control Masterclass of 2 separate days, the first day at the Millbrook Proving Ground and then a few weeks later transferring the skills picked up there to real life driving on ordinary roads. The different elements at Millbrook of the handling circuit, figure of 8, high speed bowl, mile straight and Alpine road route made that day unforgettable and hugely useful for a safe driving experience whilst learning new techniques.

Ivan was quick to point out areas of my driving that I could improve on and seemed to be able to spot exactly where my feet, hands and eyes were at all times! Learning proper observation skills was a massively important part of the whole course. There was so much useful information passed on over the 2 days it was incredible. Ivan has this capability of instilling great confidence in a calm and considered manner. Whilst never pushing me to the point where I ever felt unsafe in my own car, Ivan certainly took me out of my comfort zone, but I quickly realised that the car and myself were perfectly capable of handling those situations and I actually felt considerably more in control, creating a smoother drive for doing so. I was introduced to trail braking and braking with my left foot! Now I am starting already to use these techniques where appropriate on roads I drive on every day, leading to a definite enhancement in the car’s balance and therefore hugely improving the driving experience. Amazing!

All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ivan at Total Car Control to all my friends and business colleagues, and indeed have spoken already to numerous of them about the course. I have a feeling that I may be back again at some stage to try and hone my new found skills further once I’ve practiced them in the months ahead. Every time I park the car on the drive, I now want to fire the engine up and go straight back out for a drive! That’s what this course has done for me.

Thank you Ivan; the experience was thoroughly enjoyable and hugely helpful.

M. Stonier

…Every time I park the car on the drive, I now want to fire the engine up and go straight back out for a drive! That’s what this course has done for me…

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